About Drama Club

Drama Club is an amazing opportunity to come together with your fellow students to discuss the upcoming events in our very own theatre department! Every meeting is full of people who are very welcoming and who most likely have very similar interests to you! Whether you are interested in Technical Theatre (i.e. lighting, makeup, set building, ect.), Performance Theatre (i.e. acting, or musical theatre), or even if you just want to meet some cool people, DRAMA CLUB IS FOR YOU!!

Things to Know!

  • Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month!
  • Every month we have a different SUPER FUN event
  • In order to run for an officer position, or to vote in elections at the end of the year, you have to be active and attend every meeting! 6 absences or more will disqualify you for these things.

Meet the Officers

These are your 2019-2020 Drama Club Officers! They are always around to help you and answer any questions you may have!

Diwa Bhusal


Hey my name is Diwa and I’m your Drama Club president for this 2020-2021 school year! This year is really different but as an officer, I want to make the year the best it can be! You can come to me with any questions at all or even if you just want to talk. My favorite things to do are to: excessively use emojis, cry over my favorite movies and tv shows, attempt (the key word here is attempt) to read and plan things way too far in advance.z

Abby Dobney

Vice President

hey guys! my name is abby dobney and i am your 2020-2021 vice president. i am in, not only drama club, but also key club and TSA. i also really enjoy football and my favorite team is our very own Houston Texans.

Kaylee David


Hey! I’m Kaylee David, and I’m the Drama Club Representative this year! I hope to be great friends with everyone this year, in-person or virtually, as well as make everyone feel welcome. I’m a big nerd, especially when it comes to comics, movies/shows, and books. Feel free to talk to me anytime!

Dallas Brown


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Malia Dean


Hello everyone! My name is Malia Dean and as your DC Historian, it is my job to keep you guys updated on all of our social media pages, so if you DM us I’ll probably be the one to respond. I’m a Junior and I have been in theatre since the 6th grade. In addition to acting I like Icees (and Bahama Buck’s sno cones), drawing, and hanging out with all of my friends. Feel free to come talk to me!

Teresa Lin

Hi I’m Teresa the secretary of Drama Club for 2020-2021! I’ve been in tech theatre ever since I was a freshman and I am now in my senior year. As a secretary I keep track of our drama club meetings and upcoming events! I know this year is chaotic but I hope that we officers can brighten your days just a little bit 🙂

Connor Hatch-Southerland


yo kiddos! my name is connor and i am your 2020-2021 drama club publicist! it is my job to create all of the posters and playbills for shows and events. i really enjoy graphic design, skating, and just hanging with cool people. if you ever wanna chill…don’t hit me up.

Kathryn Lightfoot

Thespian Clerk

Hi guys, I’m Kathryn, a senior and your Thespian Point Clerk! Come to me if you need to update your Thespian points or if you have any questions about lettering! Other than theatre, I spend my free time writing, stressing about Calculus, or in the library. This is my fourth year of theatre and I am so excited to be here!